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Old comic idea I had back when TPP was still funny c:


Old comic idea I had back when TPP was still funny c:

Doctor who 8.08 “Mummy on the Orient Express”
▬ Guest starring “The Belt

You cannot convince me he is not wearing some of One’s clothes.


when u get online before ur friend and there’s big news in ur fandom



Silhouettes are cool


This will help you write good.


A textless version of the two page spread in Robots in Disguise #33, which has been out for a little bit now, so I figured it’s safe for spoilers! Please full view because Tumblr really destroys the spread! 

I love that Wheeljack imagines Starscream becoming ruler of Cybertron so glamorously.


Final Fantasy XV - PlayStation Edition - 3D Sketchfab view (link)
Noctis (link), Prompto and Gladiolus (link), Ignis and Cor (link), the Car (link)

Since I do not keep up with story heavy games prior to release, all that I know mostly comes from the recent trailer (youtube link), so the fake description is obviously for laughs; I personally can’t wait for FFXV…actually I can, Smash Bros comes out tomorrow >->

Fake Description: Noctis and his best buds are all big J-Rock fans, so when they hear that their favorite group is playing in the neighboring Kingdom, they jack his dad’s car and go on an impulse road trip! Giants monsters, guards, even bigger monsters: nothing will stop them from reaching their destination on time!  They might also overthrow an evil empire, save Noctis’ not-girlfriend, and maybe the world too…as long as they don’t miss the opening act.

Final Fantasy 15 has been in the works for so long, any fake reason I could come up with would probably have some truth to it: creative differences, lack of vision, technical limitations, corporate business meddling, etc. At least its has a demo announced :P

Software used ~Maya, Photoshop, After Effects~

At the end of every Police Squad! episode, instead of having a freeze frame, the characters stop whatever they’re doing and keep still as the credits roll.


"Time can be rewritten." - the Tenth Doctor, Forest of the Dead (2008)

The Pyramids of Mars - season 13 - 1975

Kill the Moon - series 08 - 2013

Sending Slivers Down My Spine


Future Sight was a weird set. As the time rift problem worsened on Dominaria, the plane became flooded with things from the future. These futures weren’t limited to Dominaria, however, as the timelines from other planes began to overlap on Dominaria’s present. Things got very messy. As they tend to do, however, the Slivers persisted. Future Slivers erupted through the rifts, joining the Hives of the present. A nightmare scenario for the citizens of Dominaria turned out to be a boon for Slivers. Last week I talked about the Slivers of Planar Chaos, so it’s time to finish out the block.

Lymph Sliver: With such a busy set, not many new Sliver cards were printed. There was, however, a common cycle of future Slivers. Each one made use of the “futureshifted” card frame and contained a brand new keyword belonging to a possible future of Magic. As the color of defense and damage prevention, the White Sliver received a defensive ability. Absorb is very powerful, however, so it’s not likely to appear in a future set. For those wondering, lymph is a fluid that your body uses to cycle water back into your bloodstream. It also plays a major role in your immune system, containing your white blood cells (called lymphocytes).


Mesmeric Sliver: Blue is a color all about mental superiority, so the Slivers evolved a way to mentally cripple their enemies. Again. This Sliver has the ability fateseal, which is the inverse of scry. Like absorb, it’s a very powerful ability we’re not likely to see again. It did show up as an ability on Jace, the Mind Sculptor, which certainly doesn’t help its case (this Jace is the most powerful planeswalker, and one of the most powerful cards, ever printed.)

Frenzy Sliver: Picking up on Black’s aggressive side, the appropriately named Frenzy Sliver has the ability frenzy. This benefits unblocked creatures, which works well with intimidate and Black’s removal power. It’s a really neat ability that makes for interesting combat decisions, and I hope we see it again one day. I wouldn’t be surprised if it appears later in the Khans of Tarkir block.

Homing Sliver: Cycling is one of the most mechanically rich abilities in the game, with variations of it taking many forms. The last time it appeared, in the Onslaught block, cycling was altered to include landcycling abilities. If you can cycle for a card type, why not a subtype also? That’s what Slivercycling is an experiment in, and Future Sight contained a few other tweaks like this.


Virulent Sliver: Mark Rosewater is a big fan of poison counters, and his quest to get poison back into the game made a leap with the poisonous ability in Future Sight. It appeared on a few cards, one of which was this Sliver. As the color of natural weapons, Green is the perfect fit for such an ability. The art is also a nice departure from other Sliver designs, bearing striking colors and a scorpion tail jutting out of its back.

Vedalken Æthermage: While it’s not a Sliver, it is a card that directly references them. This is also another example of typecycling, like Homing Sliver, so it kind of fits with the theme. It’s possible that both cards are from the same future. Either way, this one is from a future where Slivers are so invasive that special spells have been crafted to deal with them.

Sliversmith: Future Sight also contained a six-card cycle of token makers. What was special about the tokens is that they were duplicates of cards from Magic’s past (except Goldmeadow Lookout, which made tokens from Magic’s future). The colorless member of this cycle makes Metallic Sliver tokens.


Sliver Legion: As with every generation of Slivers, a new WUBRG legendary must be printed. This one adapts Coat of Arms into the Sliver Hive, making the entire group a nearly unstoppable force. While the Sliver Hive had been out of control since the death of the Sliver Queen, their hivemind itself had finally evolved to a point where it didn’t need a guiding force to control it. With no need for a new leader, the Slivers shattered the only real boundary to their survival.

And that is where the Slivers’ story ends on Dominaria. We haven’t returned to the plane in almost a decade, so what the Slivers have been doing is unknown. I would hope that a return to Dominaria would include the return of Slivers, but only time will tell on that one.

Join me next week, planeswalkers, when I get to the core of Slivers.



Had a great Wildstar wedding RP on Feyline’s beautiful plot last night, complete with chainsaw sword, pirate music, and shots. Congratulations to the bride and groom, Feyline and Rostinian! Plot design by Feyline and Rostinian. Cake by Starweaver. Music tracks by Ottalus. 

Nice wedding gown and tux.

One Constant Companion…

Flatline and Doctor Who Spoilers/Theories within.

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"Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Special Arrangement Medley"

I was not prepared for the DELUGE OF FEELINGS I got from this.



I don’t think people realise how hard it is to re-discover the person you were before depression or even try to remember your own personality

and if you’ve had depression since early childhood you don’t even know if you have your own personality

you didn’t have time to be a person before depression

and it’s scary having no idea who you are